The Carbone Ribbon Room

Carbone Ribbon Room Contributors

Angelina Paoli – artist

In our search for a local artist that was treated at the UW Carbone Cancer we were introduced to Angelina Paoli. When Angelina asked what we’d like her to draw we thought it was appropriate to create something that symbolized her journey. She did just that! Three beautiful charcoal drawings adorn the walls. Each piece is of a forest scene, all from different views. Within each piece are hearts, subtly placed. Angelina has been cancer free for seven year as of Valentine’s Day 2014, the hearts are a delicate way to acknowledge her feat.

Kim Knoop – designer

Kim is a professional in interior design in the Madison area. She was absolutely instrumental in the sourcing and design aspects of the room. When we asked Kim to share her expertise she did without hesitation. She is a proud supporter of the UW Carbone Cancer Center because her husband was recently treated there for brain cancer. We are very proud to say that as of January he has completed chemotherapy!

Nick Deviley and Jason Gordon – bookends

Blown Glass Bookends

Nick Deviley manages a glass blowing convention, Glassroots Art Show, held in Madison, many artists and vendors stay with us annually. Glass blowing is a very intricate and unique art form. Nick connected us with Jason Gordon, a talented artist from New York. Jason customized glass blown bookends for us featuring our logo, hand-crafted entirely of glass. The book ends will hold the journal, information books, and collection of biographies of local and celebrity survivors.

Jason Gordon

Jason has a personal connection to the cause which fueled his drive to create these difficult pieces; he has had several close friends that have battled the disease. He holds an annual art festival and donates a portion of ticket sales toward funding for cancer research.

We are very appreciative to both Jason and Nick for this generous, one of a kind piece of artwork donated to Carbone Ribbon Room.

Ryan Koch

Ryan Koch graciously captured the events of the Carbone Ribbon Room grand unveiling and also took fantastic shots of the room. See Ryan's work in our photo gallery or on his website,